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127 Keys PBT GMK Sushi Cherry Profile/XDA Profile

(10 customer reviews)


Cherry Profile
Cherry Profile
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Height: Cherry Profile / XDA

Process: Dye Sublimation

Quantity:127 keys

Compatibility: 61/64/68/78/84/87/96/98/104/108-key mechanical keyboard

Keycap kits are for MX switches only.

This product is just a keycap, not a keyboard.

Sc25d25acd31b4d90b0586cd1b292f94eS - GMK KeycapS75ec11d6053d4211880591ac126eb33bK - GMK KeycapS784b03d791b742ccbde300afae87bba4y - GMK KeycapSa3d69fe27275424cb35685420175166aX - GMK KeycapS6bc39d29dab34efe80d01d7b56432f6a0 - GMK KeycapS66d38ebb4dec4c07bd18368f07263622r - GMK KeycapS0b683aee18a34aa19d8247d5415158b1B - GMK KeycapSaf64dcd21d74446cbd3065afaea83b1ci - GMK KeycapS3b45c6581ece4a7cb49a5c1478e2cd7bQ - GMK KeycapS3193b03bf5214357a832105accf33392P - GMK KeycapSa6b9684ba6d84f85aae875b221daf24eU - GMK KeycapSba421381b79e4ba1986ba2eb8b59e160I - GMK KeycapSd996ef86e2514a298dc0b91478f7b63bS - GMK Keycap

10 reviews for 127 Keys PBT GMK Sushi Cherry Profile/XDA Profile

  1. Harold (verified owner)

    Very beautiful good quality super fast shipping good communication. Recommend

  2. Fred (verified owner)

    They are very beautiful I love them and they arrived suuuuper fast, only my country Post agency delayed delivery. I am satisfied with the purchase

  3. Julian (verified owner)

    It fascinates me, It looks nice, I love this gmk keycap

  4. Olive (verified owner)

    The goods are very satisfied with the quality is good. In Kazakhstan has come for a month

  5. Luisa (verified owner)

    It has arrived extremely quickly to US. The size are the same as shown in the description. I won’t hesitate to buy another one from this gmk keycap seller

  6. Marshall (verified owner)

    Good quality. Fast Delivery

  7. Luka (verified owner)

    I order a second one from this store, the goods came quickly. thanks to the seller for the work

  8. Monique (verified owner)

    Fully corresponds to the picture, the quality is excellent, came quickly, the purchase is satisfied 

  9. Alice (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly recommended

  10. Janessa (verified owner)

    Pretty good for a bootleg can’t really complain much. I love it

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Cherry Profile
Cherry Profile