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130/23 Keys Large Set RETRO DARK LIGHTS GMK Keycaps

(18 customer reviews)


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Keycaps only, the keyboard in the picture is for demo only and not for sale. Clones Keycaps,Clones Keycaps!!!


Material :PBT


Process: DYE-SUB


Key Number: 130/23 Keys


Height: Cherry Profile


Packing: Boxed


Support: 61/64/68/75/84/87/96/980/100/104/108


Sc18847eb189548aca72d7a42d00748abq - GMK KeycapS06b3898e4fe8425c94b5fd4c8ab1b4b4J - GMK KeycapS1ccf3ebaedbc4c73b157c4e104f10bb4N - GMK KeycapSe948f4ed19f64a699676ca462df84cc8R - GMK KeycapSd9ffa10504f243779ee7adb829ca8a58l - GMK KeycapS66d24e6f99aa4f7a9d340b1f867000b6C - GMK KeycapS53e55b879204411cb1527fab32378f33h - GMK KeycapS89799b17b4654a4ca5243fb9c2195808o - GMK KeycapS386d8de994ca4045b0740a038c8ac8e6V - GMK KeycapS54bf90d49d1b44aebb11aa91f1368cbbu - GMK KeycapS4a76d8bcf75849f0843f4ee91eb75f582 - GMK KeycapSa8717b5ac7674963bbc26d0c58e799a06 - GMK KeycapS17553b767aa34cf6aea5ac5035b211f8e - GMK KeycapS68ddf9d9b78f4cfa98507ac9c0b4dd95g - GMK Keycap

18 reviews for 130/23 Keys Large Set RETRO DARK LIGHTS GMK Keycaps

  1. Greykid (verified owner)

    It has arrived extremely quickly to US. The size are the same as shown in the description. I won’t hesitate to buy another one from this gmk keycap seller

  2. Tommy (verified owner)

    Arrived in 2 weeks (Poland) and quality is very nice!!! I recommend them so much

  3. Cedric (verified owner)

    Quality material. Came order in 10 days. The kid is happy! Thank you

  4. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and very good

  5. Conner (verified owner)

    Very nice just like in the picture

  6. Everett (verified owner)

    Products completely conform to the description, arrived on time. Good quality of the product.

  7. Gemma (verified owner)

    Perfect! They came fast

  8. Joe (verified owner)

    Just like the picture! I love it. Thank you!

  9. Ron (verified owner)

    My kid is happy, that’s enough for me. The delivery was very fast, I arrived before the stipulated date. Thank you 

  10. Douglas (verified owner)

    The package was delayed, but it still came within reakidable time. Thank you for the support

  11. Lucille (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this gmk keycap ! Will order much more next time for sure

  12. Ashley (verified owner)

    Very high quality. Excellent everything is not almost stained with paint that’s great

  13. Rose (verified owner)

    Excellent Product, arrived very fast and earlier than expected, even when the order had been delayed 

  14. Helena (verified owner)

    Arrived very early and fully satisfied with the product

  15. Vicki (verified owner)

    Perfect for birthday gift

  16. Jorge (verified owner)

    Arrived early! Material very good. Thank you! Will buy more

  17. Stella (verified owner)

    They’re like photos, comfortable and work pretty well

  18. Samuel (verified owner)

    Really really nice! this gmk keycap looks super cool, I recommend 100%

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