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134 Keys 9009 Retro Cherry Profile Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

(13 customer reviews)


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Ac01037f690da4736a482726c9cac3a2ee - GMK Keycap

Uc0b0d509d6664eb28bfe59b09539c0e09 - GMK KeycapUbcb8d5c11891477a94f66b2909a12589c - GMK KeycapU04f7526ca0e64df49cfcfd8844e2ab0dL - GMK KeycapU4e996757518d498ba3bf6b6ee84e7fadt - GMK KeycapU860640b6000d46699815b13b000941c8M - GMK KeycapUa97949811c5a406b856f1d77a8c6ed115 - GMK KeycapU187cf8895b754010acda0eb057756c226 - GMK KeycapU28820fbb4bd84cbea50e1f106bab3b61b - GMK KeycapUeecc797beef1441dba31ae034bf78262r - GMK KeycapU53f15dd6d48c41f0b3c8e9b249f63e63n - GMK KeycapUbacb3fa792ab47738808444b480c93d9L - GMK KeycapU05a2796d184547919b0ff6ac9544d8a89 - GMK KeycapU90f40aa7e2f94100812c01816a43c6923 - GMK KeycapU73a1ae539b5349839be60ebd4ee95a3cJ - GMK KeycapU27ec9fc590354728b0cd86924d8ff68dD - GMK Keycap

13 reviews for 134 Keys 9009 Retro Cherry Profile Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

  1. Kathie (verified owner)

    On October 14 I ordered, 15-go-sent, on November 5 came to Canada, as in the description, I recommend

  2. Mila (verified owner)

    Very good quality! My boyfriend loved it

  3. Christina (verified owner)

    The quality of this gmk keycap is very good, the details and colors are very well done and so the shipment arrived very quickly, I was really surprised

  4. Anabelle (verified owner)

    I order a second one from this store, the goods came quickly. thanks to the seller for the work

  5. Clark (verified owner)

    Very nice! I thought they would be flatter but in the picture you don’t appreciate that.

  6. Sophia (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Product perfectly matches the description

  7. Teresa (verified owner)

    Very cool sets. I recommend to everyone! thanks to the seller 

  8. Janine (verified owner)

    It has arrived extremely quickly to US. The size are the same as shown in the description. I won’t hesitate to buy another one from this gmk keycap seller

  9. Ricardo (verified owner)

    I love this gmk keycap. Quality is good. Super!

  10. Bethany (verified owner)

    For such a price this is just perfect.

  11. Cara (verified owner)

    For such a price this is just perfect.

  12. Joey (verified owner)

    For such a price this is just perfect.

  13. Stuart (verified owner)

    The product fully corresponds to the description, we are very satisfied. I recommend and the goods and the shop, the child is very satisfied

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