Keycaps are one of the mechanical keyboard’s most crucial components. The switches are undoubtedly the most distinctive feature, but the keycaps have impacted the mechanical keyboard’s sound, feel, and appearance. Keycaps like gmk keycap come in different colors, profiles, and materials, so it’s vital to know and comprehend all the various keycaps to choose the best set for you.

The following are the things to keep in mind when purchasing keycaps.


In some cases, depending on the manufacturer, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) keycaps are more affordable than PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) keycaps. It is because ABS keycaps are simpler to mold than PBT keycaps, which lowers the production cost by a large margin. Naturally, prices would differ depending on the manufacturer. The gmk keycaps are available for purchase for keyboards.


PBT keycaps are typically more prone to deterioration than ABS keycaps. ABS keycaps will eventually develop a “greasy shine” as time passes. You don’t need to bother about PBT keycaps because they are matted; divert your attention elsewhere. Think about the fact that ABS gmk keyboard keycaps are Combustible and chemically reactive. When your keyboard gets exposed to high temperatures, you could experience issues. PBT keycaps are free of these problems.

Comfort and noise

ABS and PBT keycaps inherently make two different types of sounds because of how unlike they are from one another. Your personal preference with the other parts of your build will impact which gmk botanical keycap material produces a better sound. In terms of comfort, PBT keycaps offer a textured feel, but ABS keycaps tend to feel greasy.

Aesthetic component

It is highly disputed because it relies on the user’s preferences. Some individuals favor ABS keycaps because of their consequent shiny appearance and greasy feel, while others prefer PBT keycaps because they are more durable.

Choosing between ABS and PBT keycaps will always come down to personal preference. In my opinion, the only factors compared between the two keycaps are their availability, the range of available designs, and their general quality, all of which get determined by the market’s current manufacturers. PBT keycaps are currently catching up to ABS keycap’s availability and design variation.

On the other hand, the manufacturer is always responsible for the overall quality of the keycaps. Some brands provide ABS keycaps, which are of higher quality than PBT keycaps. The perception has been that PBT has always surpassed ABS.

Color and design

Keycap sets are available in a wide range of color schemes and variations. Everything from direct white/black and multicolored themes to unique designer themes with a limited production run.

You can design your color scheme by combining and matching keys from various sets Better. You are unrestricted in your ability to express your creativity. If you’re a big fan of action figures, why not check your keyboard for your collection? That is attainable! It’s really up to you to decide how far you want to take this hobby because it offers such a high degree of personalization.